winnie th epooh cake copyright jannet

Classic Winnie the Pooh Cake

I have made numerous Pooh cakes over the years, they are fun to make. I have finally remembered to take photos and write down instructions to share with all my Pooh friends.

Children must be supervised when using knives etc.

You will need

6 inch round sponge cake. You can download a recipe here

Butter icing. You can download a recipe here

Ready to Roll Icing

Icing sugar


Food Colouring - Pink, Black, Green, Brown

To make the Pooh Chair

Cut a thick slice from the front of the cake, so you are left with a straight edge. Place the slice you have cut off on the top of the cake, this will make the back of Pooh's chair. Use some of the the butter icing to stick it in place. Next cut a square out of the base to form the seat - see the picture below for an example. Place the cake on a cake board. You can make one by cutting out a circle of card and covering it in silver foil. Cover all of the cake in a thin layer of butter icing, this will help the icing to stay in place.

Wipe any icing off the board if necessary.

Poohs Chair cake

Take your ready to roll icing and cut a little off (for the flowers and hunny pot, if you wish to make Pooh and Piglet with icing you will need to leave enough for them too) and set to one side. Colour the remaining icing light pink. You may be able to buy ready coloured pink icing if not you can use a tiny drop of Pink food colouring. It is best to add tiny drops of colouring, as you can always add more later if you need to.Shake some sifted icing sugar on your board and hands. Knead your icing into a ball and use your knuckle to make an indentation, add a teeny tiny amount of food colouring into the indent, and knead well. This will take some time, but you will have a marbled effect if it is not completely kneaded in.

Sift lots of icing sugar on your board and over your rolling pin and roll out your pink icing. Roll it into a large rectangle shape, large enough to cover Pooh's chair. Use a palette knife to regularly slide underneath the icing to make sure that it is not sticking ! When you have rolled it out, cover your rolling pin in sifted icing sugar, and roll the icing over your rolling pin. Lift the rolling pin up over the cake and lower it down unrolling as you go and gently pressing it into the cake. Don't worry about any cracks and holes, as you can cover these up with the flowers. A warm palette knife will even up any lumpy bits. Use a sharp knife to trim around the cake. Save this icing as you will need it to make the fringe later on.

Now take some of the icing you put to one side. Cut a little off (you will need this to make the centre of the flowers) colour some of the remaining amount (depending if you are making Pooh etc out of this icing) a darker shade of pink than the chair. Roll out the icing, If you have a flower or blossom cutter you can use this to cut out flowers. If not a little imagination and a sharp knife will be needed to cut out some flowers. Roll some icing into small balls to form the flower centres, use a little warm water to stick them onto the flowers. (I left mine white, but it is up to you) Arrange the flowers on the chair, they are very useful to cover up any cracks and holes ! Use a little warm water to help them to stick.

Take the pink icing trimmings which you saved earlier and roll into a long sausage. It should be long enough to go around the bottom of the chair. Flatten the sausage, and then use a sharp knife to cut slits all along the icing, this will make the fringe for the bottom of the chair. Attach to the bottom of the chair with a little warm water.

Congratulations your Pooh chair is now completed !

Making Pooh, Piglet, and the all important Hunny Pot !

Pooh Piglet and hunny pot cake decorations to make


I used yellow marzipan, but you can use ready to roll icing or sugar paste and colour it yellow. Cut a piece to the size you would like Pooh's body (try it out in the chair for a good fit) roll it into an oval shape. Cut another piece to form the head, roll into a ball and pinch up a Pooh type nose ! Make small balls for the ears and flatten them, gently curve them around to make an ear shape. Roll sausages for arms and legs and create as you like.

If things get too sticky use a little sifted icing sugar.

Colour a little of the icing or marzipan black. Roll very small amounts into 2 balls. These will be Pooh's eyes. Make a slightly larger ball for Pooh's nose. Assemble Pooh in the chair, using a little warm water to stick the pieces together.



Follow the same instructions as for Pooh, but colour the icing or white marzipan a light pink Piglet colour. Colour the body green. Squeeze Piglet's ears up into a point . Piglets arms and legs will of course be much smaller and thinner.

I placed Piglet sitting in front of Pooh with one arm reaching up to hold Pooh's paw. Take time to assemble the pieces and experiment before you use warm water to stick them together.


Hunny Pot

Well you just can't have Pooh without his hunny pot !

Colour some marzipan or icing brown roll into a ball then mould into a hunny pot shape. Flatten a little yellow marzipan or icing and mould it to look like dripping honey, and place around the top of the pot, using a little dab of warm water to stick it , if needed. Place the hunny pot in front of the cake.

Now you have a Poohfect cake, but it looks so good will you ever be able to eat it !